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  • In 2017, in addition to our genetics study looking at the connectivity between the Maui and Big Island mantas (which is almost complete), we will be working collaboratively with Murdoch University on a comprehensive population trend analysis to understand if our manta ray population is growing or declining and how quickly. This is a critical step for effectively managing this population.

  • Please help with your tax-deductible donation to help The Hawaii Association for Marine Education and Research (HAMER) ongoing efforts to protect its coral reefs from damaging seawalls and sediment impacts and ultimately provide a safe habitat for our majestic Maui manta rays! 


  • Meet “Slice”, an adult male manta that we see once every 4 years (2008, 2012 and November 5, 2016). Here we obtain his unique photo-identification and a size estimate using paired-laser photogrammetry (9.5 feet from wing tip to wing tip).

  • Amazing Footage Caught by Unattended GoPro from HAMER on Vimeo.

  • We are excited to announce we are now a listed charity with Amazon Smile - use the link below to get setup and support our work of protecting the environment for future generations.


  • photo from Tumblr

    Our time here in the #maldives has come to and end. We want to say shukuriyyaa, thank you, #mahalo to the management and staff @sixsenseslaamu for their fantastic accommodations and hospitality, to Marc and Petra of @oceandimensions for supporting our research efforts with @mantatrust and to Beth, Adam and every new friend we have made while here at beautiful #laamu #atoll (at Islas Maldivas - Six Senses Resort)

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    #Sharks and #manta #rays who could ask for more, a fun video clip of our #dive with @mantatrust and @oceandimensions @sixsenseslaamu #maldives #HAMER #hamerinthemaldives (at Six Senses Laamu)

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    Heading out on our final dive with @mantatrust @oceandimensions and the GM of @sixsenseslaamu Marteyne Van Well 😊 what an awesome time we’ve had working with everyone and lots of data collected on the local population of #mantaray here at Laamu Atoll #mantapoint (at Six Senses Laamu)

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    A world under the sea full of wonder and beauty #maldives #2016 @sixsenseslaamu @oceandimensions @mantatrust #protectit #respectit #malamaokekai #hamerinthemaldives #HAMER (at Six Senses Laamu)

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    Yesterday, at #MantaPoint, Adam of @MantaTrust set our #GoPro to see what we would capture. A spectacular 20 minute #video, here’s a peek to share with our #HAMER followers, thank you again to @oceandimensions and the crew for taking us out for our daily research dive (at Six Senses Laamu)