Our Mission

Our Mission is to conduct sound research to better understand the health and status of our marine resources and how better to preserve them. These findings are communicated to members of the community, empowering them with the knowledge to create effective policies, raise awareness, and ultimately change behavior to ensure our current and future generations prosper from the economic and social benefits provided by healthy and abundant marine resources.

Our Vision

Hawaii’s marine resources are healthy and thriving and provide local communities with food sustenance, economic prosperity, and a superior quality of life. Community members, through care and respect, live in harmony with their marine environment and are empowered to effectively preserve it. The children of these communities are passionate about becoming the future leaders, educators, and caretakers of Hawaii’s marine resources. HAMER is a primary resource for scientists, educators, decision makers, and the general public for understanding and preserving Hawaii’s marine resources for future generations.

Company Profile

HAMER offers the scientific expertise to carry out field research on marine animals. This includes marine mammal stock assessment research as well as other investigative research on the biology and behavior of marine animals and their habitat. We also offer training and education services about marine mammals, research methodology, conservation, and current research findings.


HAMER currently operates from Napili, on the west side of the island of Maui.