Match a Manta

Match a Manta

You can be a citizen scientist by helping us find matches from new photos taken of manta rays around Maui to our current Maui Manta Catalog of over 330 individuals. Follow these steps…

Request a password to access the photos to be matched.

Email Us

Access the photos that need matching by entering your username and password.

View Photos to be Matched

Scroll through the photos and pick the photo you want to compare, then add your name and email address to the record.

Access the HAMER catalog, choose if you want to search the “males” or “females” based on the information available with your chosen photo.

HAMER Manta Catalog

If you find a match, enter the filename from the matching photo into the “Catalog ID” field and select “Match Found”. Otherwise, select “No Match Found”. We need three matcher names for any photos where no match was found since matches are often missed.

That’s it, your done. Move on to the next photo you would like to match.